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System Change Request Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

System Change Request - Essay Example The program will ensure that the system operate efficiently and provide quality services to customers. Ideally, the system will enhance delivery of services in the accounting department that is charged with the responsibility to administer cash transactions (Stair & Reynolds, 2010). Change request is significant for transformation management process since it sets appropriate signaling elements that report evident defects and operating gaps that may compromise quality in service delivery. Imperatively, change request emanate from the problem reports that are presented by users or signaling software’s. This is evident at Hill school where the change process of the billing system emanated from the user. The management was concerned on the operating capacity of the existing system and its efficiency. As stated, the school is in need of a system that is integrated with strong control software’s, effective and upholds high security standard to enhance the processing of the va st amount of data that they hold. Elements of the change process include customer ID, the change type, indication of the requirement or optional nature of the change process and change abstract. ... The emergency request seeks for contingency measures that may not need comprehensive planning. The main aim of the stage is to restore the operations of the system. Sensitive request is another priority stage that deals with identification of essential processes that the system cannot operate without. This ensures that the central elements in a system are well integrated to eradicate inferior execution of activities. System document request SDR from the users is another significant process in identifying the need for change within the operating system. This element states that system users have a crucial role in ensuring effective functionality of the infrastructural set up that they administer. Change request also originate from the events in the development of the system (Stair & Reynolds, 2010). That is the complications that are encountered at the time of implementation may lead to change of strategy during the integration process to facilitate quality in service delivery. Normal request is the last stage that deals with the implementation of ordinary needs. These are the needs that facilitate the effectiveness of the system. Evidently, Hillside school should integrate the new billing system in consideration to SCR priority based procedure. This is to enhance the functionality of the infrastructure by establishing and providing timely solutions to the evident problems presented by the users. Justification Change request is a credible project administration process that advances workflow and effectiveness of service delivery. The approach ensures superior operation of the infrastructural set ups that institutions use to coordinate activities through detailed identification and reporting of defects. This is critical since the

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